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The Zinc Expert Committee is a platform which offers information concerning the latest developments and activities in zinc primary metallurgy, recycling and further processing of zinc for the industry, universities and research centres.

The main focus lies on:
● Zinc hydrometallurgy
● Recycling of zinc bearing residues (e.g. EAFD)
● Production of zinc oxide and zinc dust
● Upcoming process technologies

At annual meetings, these topics in particular are presented and discussed combined with visits to companies working in these areas throughout Europe. With destinations such as Spain, Belgium, Italy, Germany etc. in recent years, combined with an international membership and participation, the Zinc experts' meeting aims to underline its international focus.
For detailed information about the agenda please look at the mailattachment delivered with the invitation or follow this link.

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Please not that we need an actual enrolment certificate for registering as student. Otherwise we have to charge the general fee.

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A fee is being charged of € 190 for members and € 260 for non-GDMB members. The fee will not be charged for those presenting papers as well as for the ladies and gentlemen of the host company. Please transfer your registration fees after receipt of the invoice. The prices include the law applicable sales tax where the services are subject to sales tax.

Please register for the meeting by 5th november, 2019 at the latest.

GDMB must reserve the right to charge 25 % of the amount payable as handling charge - regardless of possibly incurred hotel cancellation costs. In case of cancellation after november 5 2018 it is not possible to refund your registration fees. You can designate a replacement participant to take your place.

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